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Orange wine has been a real trend among winemakers for some time now. This is a white wine that is produced in a similar way to a red wine, giving it a unique character. Orange wine polarizes. While some celebrate it as a real niche product, the sophisticated and complex wine is not the first choice for other wine lovers. The best way to make up your own mind is to buy real orange wine in our shop.

How is orange wine made?

The special feature of this wine lies in the production process, the mash fermentation, which is actually only used in red wine production. In the classic process, white wine is made from fermented grape must. After the harvest, the grapes are separated from their stems and then pressed. The resulting must is stored in barrels or special tanks where fermentation takes wine, on the other hand, is fermented in the mash - i.e. together with the seeds , the peel and the pulp. This preserves the pigments and tannins that are important for the red color of the wine.

Orange wine production: The special feature of the process

To make orange wine, winemakers deviate from the traditional process of making white wine. Not only the juice of the grapes is fermented, but as with red wine, the entire mash. The must ferments together with the skin, the seeds and the pulp.

Even before 7000, the ancient Georgians made their wine in this way. Back then, they fermented both the white and red grapes in clay amphorae. At that time, no distinction was made between red wine and white wine production.

Note: Orange wine is not for allergy sufferers

Orange wine produces a lot of histamine during the production process. Therefore, this wine is not recommended for people suffering from histamine intolerance.

Orange wine can be a risk for winemakers

Winemakers take a real risk, because they sometimes leave the wine in the mash for months. In this way false tones can develop unnoticed. On the other hand, you have the great opportunity to get a very exciting and complex wine that cannot be assigned to a mainstream.

What grape varieties are used to make the orange wine?

In our online shop you will find orange wines made from very different white grape varieties. The grape variety Chenin Blanc is often used, but also Malvasia or Albariño grapes.

How does orange wine taste?

The orange wine differs in every respect from the well-known white wine taste, which is produced by fermentation of the grape juice. Orange wine contains a lot of phenols and tannins that can be very unfamiliar to the palate. The taste is reminiscent of dried fruits such as figs or citrus fruits with hints of honey, nuts and tobacco.

Orange wine is recommended as a food accompaniment if the taste is not too oxidative. It harmonises perfectly with salty cuisine and is often enjoyed in vegetarian cuisine. Orange wine goes best with very spicy dishes and is therefore also excellent with oriental cuisine.

This is where orange wine got its name from

Just as the red wine gets its typical color through mash fermentation, the orange wine also takes on an intense color during the process. This can range from a deep dark yellow to an orange. In addition to red, white and rosé, orange has established itself as the fourth color on the wine market.

Are orange wine and natural wine the same?

Orange wine is very often equated with a natural wine, but these are two completely different products. In the production of natural wine, chemical additives such as pesticides and chemical plant protection agents as well as sulfur are largely avoided. Orange wine can also be produced in this way. However, by not using sulphur, the wine can lack stability and quickly become undrinkable.

While natural wine must comply with the law in order to be labeled as such, for an orange wine this is only an option. It can be produced without additives and complex ecological processes, but it is not absolutely necessary. Orange wine is a style of wine that does not have to follow the laws of natural wine production.

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