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Buy Prosecco as a pleasure for every season

Whether to toast a special occasion or as a moment of pleasure on a warm summer evening: Prosecco is a drink for every season. It is a real alternative to high-priced champagne - sparkling, aromatic and fine-pearly. We have summarized why sparkling wine is so popular and what you have to consider when you buy Prosecco.

Prosecco or sparkling wine? That's the difference

The terms sparkling wine and Prosecco are often used synonymously, although there are crucial differences between alcoholic beverages. Prosecco contains the Italian word "secco" for "dry". While there are also lovely versions of sparkling wine, you can only buy dry Prosecco.

These are the Prosecco facts

• There are three main categories of Prosecco: Spumante, Frizzante and Tranquillo

• There are a large number of Prosecco variants to buy

• The production takes place according to the Charmat method

The designation of origin is also protected. Prosecco may only be sold as such if it was made from the ancient Glera grape variety, which is native to northern Italy. In addition, the Prosecco grapes may only be grown in the Veneto. There is even a legal regulation for the bottle color. You can only find real Prosecco in green and white bottles.

Prosecco is only available in bottles

There were times when Prosecco was also sold in cans, so that the quality usually suffered considerably from this bottling. This is now forbidden. If you want to buy real Prosecco, you will only find it in green or white bottles.

How do I recognize a good Prosecco?

If you're looking to buy a good piece of Prosecco for a special occasion, take a look at the label first. If there is the note “DOC”, then this indicates a controlled origin. A real Prosecco must consist of at least 85% of the Glera grapes, which are known for their delicately fruity notes of apple, pear and peach. Prosecco can only be offered as such if it meets the clear DOC guidelines. If you want to buy a really excellent Prosecco, you should reach for a DOCG Prosecco. Stricter cultivation guidelines are included in the rules for this award; the bottlings testify to an even higher quality and regional typicality.

The best way to buy Prosecco is online at Vinigrandi

We offer you an extensive range of different Proseccos in our online shop. Every single bottle is handpicked and tasted by us. If your Prosecco order reaches an order value of over 50.00 €, we will send the package postage free. You can buy Prosecco in the Vinigrandi online shop at an excellent price-performance ratio.

FAQ: What you should know about Prosecco

Can you store Prosecco for a long time?

While certain wines gain quality through storage, this does not apply to Prosecco. It is bottled at an optimal maturity and should therefore be enjoyed as soon as possible after purchase.

At what temperature is Prosecco best enjoyed?

Champagne, for example, only unfolds its aromas in the glass when it warms up. Prosecco, on the other hand, should be enjoyed quickly and well chilled at a temperature between 6 and 8 ° C.

How should Prosecco be stored?

In order to experience the full pleasure from the bottle, you should pay attention to the correct storage. If possible, the bottle should be stored in the dark without direct sunlight. keep the temperature in the room as constant as possible.

Why should Prosecco be drunk from glasses with a long stem?

Drinking from long-stemmed glasses not only looks classy, ??it also serves its purpose. Because if you hold the glass by the stick, the drink does not heat up as quickly using body heat and the Prosecco stays cold longer.

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