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Wine packaging enjoys a great deal of attention in the industry. Because of its high sensitivity, wine is usually bottled. For some time now, it has also been possible to fill in kegs without any loss of quality.

Wine from the keg: these are the advantages

Storing wine in the barrel and reselling it to the end customer has numerous pragmatic, but also product-specific advantages. Keykegs are disposable barrels with a bag inside, in the wine store. The gas contained inside compresses the bag without coming into contact with the drink. The content stays fresh for months even after opening.

• Easy to use

Pouring wines from the keg is very easy on site. The service staff no longer needs to handle bottles. There is also no need to store or dispose of the bottles.

• Long shelf life

The keg barrel extends the shelf life of the products. The gas contained does not come into contact with the wine. Even after opening, the quality of the drink remains intact for months.

• Easy storage & transport

The keg barrels are equipped with so-called double-wall technology, which guarantees safety during transport and storage.

• Easy filling

With the help of automatic filling systems, the barrels can be filled very easily. Manual filling is also possible thanks to the specially developed filling head.

Buying barrel wine is an ideal alternative to bottled wine, especially at events and major events. You can simply connect the wine to your tap system, which makes serving it much easier.

Wine from the barrel: the ideal packaging for high-quality wines

In the past, beer was only served from barrels. stored. Wines from the barrel are ideal for all caterings, large events but also for serving in restaurants. Even high-quality wines can be stored in it for a long time without any problems.

How do wines get from the keg to the glass?

A special tap head is available for the keg barrel. This is placed on the keg and simply connected to the existing dispensing system via the integrated safety valve

Which wines can be filled in a barrel?

Both still red and white wines as well as sparkling Proseccos can be bottled.

Discover our selection of high-quality wines from the keg now. We look forward to your order.

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