Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine

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Buy sparkling wines: Fine sparkling pleasure for all occasions

The term sparkling wine is a generic term for all wines that contain carbon dioxide. This primarily includes champagne, sparkling wine and prosecco. They are available in various quality classes and flavors from dry to sweet. We have summarized here where you can buy the best sparkling wines and everything you need to know about the topic.

The pearly alternative to still wine

For a wine to be considered sparkling wine, it must first be enriched with carbon dioxide. At a temperature of 20 ° C, a pressure of around 3 bar is created in the bottle. For comparison: The sparkling wine usually only has a pressure of 1 to a maximum of 2.5 bar. A product after the first and second fermentation process is called sparkling wine.

All facts about sparkling wine at a glance

• All beverages containing wine with a pressure of at least 3 bar are called sparkling wine

• The total sulfur dioxide content must not exceed 235 mg / l

• The origin must be mentioned on the label

Buy the right sparkling wine for every occasion

Not every sparkling wine is automatically suitable as a companion for every event. Still wine is often drunk with meals or as a luxury item during a cozy evening. Still wine does not contain any or hardly any noticeable amounts of carbonic acid. This mostly evaporates during the fermentation process.

Sparkling wine is slightly foaming and is usually served on social occasions such as a casual barbecue party. Champagne, on the other hand, is often enjoyed on special celebrations such as birthdays, weddings or other important events.

Sparkling wine is also often used to make desserts such as creams, sorbets or mousse.

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FAQ: Your questions about sparkling wines

Which sparkling wines are there?

Classic sparkling wines include sparkling wine, champagne and also prosecco. But the crémant, the cava and the sparkling wine can also be classified in this category.

How do I recognize a high quality sparkling wine?

There are two main criteria by which you can recognize a good sparkling wine. High-quality sparkling wines have at least 10% alcohol by volume and are labeled with their country of origin.

Where are sparkling wines made?

There is no region that is typical for sparkling wine production. Sekt often comes from German production, while champagne comes from France and Asti Spumante from Italy.

How is the strong perlage created in sparkling wine?

As a rule, the sparkling wines go through a second fermentation. This double fermentation process binds the carbon dioxide in the wine, so that the typical tingling sensation in the mouth is created.

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