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Natural wines are becoming more and more fashionable both in domestic wine cabinets and in trendy wine bars. It is roughly used to describe a wine in which the vinification process is largely untreated. We have summarized below where you can buy natural wine and how it tastes.

Cloudy color and earthy notes: About the character of natural wine

Even at first glance, the natural wine differs from a conventional wine. It looks cloudy and in the first perception there is usually a slight yeast note. This reminds beer lovers of wheat beer. The term “nature” shouldn't put you off. There are also numerous natural wines that can convince in terms of taste across the board.

How does natural wine taste?

Apart from the subtle yeast note, natural wines usually taste less fruity. The scent is often described as having a slight smell of yogurt. Wine connoisseurs also speak of “wild” and “uncouth” notes. The natural red wines usually contain a lot of sediments as parts of the fruit, which give the wine an intense taste.

The production of natural wine

The grapes for the natural wine are obtained from sustainable, mostly organic-certified vineyards. When producing the wines, the winemakers usually rely on natural yeasts that are in the air or directly on the grapes. One advantage is that the chance of multi-layered flavors is much greater here than if pure yeasts are used. In the manufacturing process, the addition of sulfur is largely dispensed with.

Buy the best natural wines in the Vinigrandi online shop

The natural wine is not just a trend, but a serious alternative to classic red and white wines. We have made a handpicked selection of the best natural wines for you that you can rely on. From an order value of 50.00 euros, we will send your products free of charge.

FAQ: Interesting facts about natural wines

How long can natural wines keep?

In the production of natural wines, the addition of sulfur is reduced to 0 or at least to a minimum. This usually shortens the shelf life of the wines.

How do you recognize a natural wine?

Hardly any winemaker already writes on his label that it is a natural wine. Often, however, there are natural motifs or other references on the labels. In our shop we have created a separate category for natural wines that you can refine even further using the filters.

Are natural wines more expensive than "classic" wines?

No, not necessarily. There are also natural wines products that you can buy for less than 10.00 euros or for a three-digit amount.

Is there a legal regulation for what a natural wine is?

No. In the end, each winemaker decides for himself whether it is a natural wine.

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