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Finca Valiñas, Lugar Arosa 16 San Martiño de Meis, 36637 Meis - Pontevedra, Span

Enologa Paula

"Mar des Frades" is a well-known winery in western Spain. It is still a comparatively young product of the Ramon Bilbao group of companies from D.O. Rias Baixas. The climatic conditions are excellent for wine growing. There is a lot of wind here with high amounts of precipitation at relatively low temperatures. "Mar de Frades" produces the famous Albariño in the "blue bottle" of the same name from specially selected grapes.

Mar de Frades preserves the wine tradition of the Salnés Valley

The Mar de Frades winery produces one of the most impressive and varied white wines in all of Spain. It maintains the deep-rooted wine-growing tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation in Spain. "Mar de Frades" is fully committed to the Albariño grape variety, which ripens on old vines that the winemakers let grow so that they don't draw too much moisture from the soil. The "Mar de Frades" winery is only a few meters away from the Atlantic, so that the wines are also shaped by this climate across the board.

A place with historical reference< />

The name "Mar de Frades" goes back to the Galician name for "Mar de Frailes". This is a place on the Umia estuary where pilgrims once arrived to continue their journey to the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela.

A wine from one of Spain's most influential winemakers< />

The winemaker of the "Mar de Frades" winery, Paula Fandiño, grew up in the vineyards. Even their ancestors were deeply involved in winegrowing and passed on their knowledge to the younger generation. Paula Fandiño graduated from the University of Santiago de Compostela as Agricultural Technical Engineer. During her degree, she specialized in viticulture and oenology. It is thanks to her that the "Mar de Frades" winery has developed into one of the leading wineries in Spain. Paula Fandiño has received several awards for her work and is one of the most influential winemakers in Spain.

What characterizes the famous "Mar de Frades" Albariño wine?

The Albariño is influenced by the nearby Ría de Arousa has a very salty character. The grapes grow on 20-year-old vines planted on a flat sandy soil with crumbled pieces of granite. This gives the wines their subtle mineral character. The harvest is always done by hand according to strict selection criteria. You work on selection tables on which up to 25% of the grapes are sorted.

The label is the topping of the bottle

Even the label on the bottle of the Albariño wines is a specialty. The print is made with heat-sensitive ink. When the optimum drinking temperature of 11° has been reached, a blue ship appears on the logo waves on the label. It indicates that the wine is now ready to drink.

How to drink the “Mar de Frades” Alberino

Drink the sparkling wine made from the Albariño variety goes best with fish dishes of all kinds. It also tastes great with oysters and lobster.

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