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Ca' del Bosco, Via Case Sparse, 20, 25030 Erbusco (BS), Italy

Ca del Bosco

The Italian winery "Ca del Bosco" is located in the middle of gentle mountain slopes in Lombardy. The winery was founded in 1968. Some wine connoisseurs speak of "Ca del Bosco" as one of the most beautiful wineries in the world. There are two ways here. The winemaker Maurizio Zanella is dedicated to the production of wine as well as to welcoming guests and organizing events in an idyllic location. Visitors are very welcome at the “Ca del Bosco” winery. Anyone who comes here will not only experience a unique wine, but also wonderful views and a world that introduces the beauty of nature and culture far beyond the culinary delights.

About the winery and its history

The "Ca del Bosco" winery in Lombardy has a very high reputation, comparable to that of the best champagne houses. The work here is carried out with great care, but does not shy away from modern techniques. It was founded in 1968 by Maurizio Zanella on his mother's country estate, who bought it in 1964. Zanella was already growing Pinot Nero and Chardonnay at the age of 17 and produced his first sparkling wine before he was 18. He built the “Ca del Bosco” winery piece by piece on a 22,000 square meter site with his own strength. For support, Zanella even got the cellar master from Dom Pérignon and the oenologist Emile Peynaud from Bordeaux to advise him at times.

The winemaker Maurizio Zanella

Maurizio Zanella not only brings his passion for wine to the winery, but also his fascination for art and culture. Zanella is the heir to one of the largest Italian transport companies. But instead of continuing his father's company in the next generation, he took the risk of founding his own winery in Lombardy. Today he produces both excellent spumante and still wine in his highly regarded winery.

The Prestige Cuvées are the business card of the winery

The slopes of the vineyards lie at the foothills of the Alps south of Lago d'Iseo. The mineral-rich soil, many hours of sunshine and mild temperatures create optimal conditions for the production of Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco. A long minimum storage time on the yeast creates a very balanced aroma profile in the wines. The raw materials are treated with great respect for nature in a way that conserves resources. The high quality of the wines is due to special cooling times that are set for the grapes and air tanks that make use of gravity. "Cadel Bosco" has developed bottling plants specifically for wine production.

The well-known Spumante Franciacorta from the "Ca del Bosco" winery

One of the most famous sparkling wines of the Ca del Bosco winery owns the Cuvee Prestige Franciacorta Brut. The term Spumante does not really do justice to the product from the "Ca del Bosco" winery, because more than 50 years of experience in bottle fermentation flow into it and the process is constantly being readjusted. Under the ground of the "Ca del Bosco" winery there are extensive catacombs in which thousands of bottles are stored for bottle fermentation for several years. There is also a vault in which wines are stored and matured in large casks and small barriques.

A visit to the "Ca del Bosco" winery

Anyone visiting the "Ca del Bosco" wants to pay a visit, he is greeted by an impressive gate. It is a masterpiece by the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro, who called it a "hymn to the sun" and honors the sun as the life-giver of the vine. From here, a small avenue, surrounded by acacia trees, leads to the winery. Visitors get a fascinating view of the complete vines grown on "Ca del Bosco".

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