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Miraval, 83570 Correns, France

Marc Perrin - Brad Pitt

The winery Miraval is located in Provence with its own vineyards. It is best known for the Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who bought the estate and ran it together with wine expert Marc Perrin. But it wasn't just the flair of the rich and famous that made Miraval's wines so popular. They were also able to impress with their quality. In 2013, for example, the Miraval winery was delighted to receive the “World's Best Rosé” award.

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Rosé wines are among the biggest names in French wine history, thanks to the collaboration between the two Hollywood stars Jolie and and the well-known Perrin emerged. Miraval Rosé is the first wine to come out of this winery's production. It is no exaggeration to call the Miraval a real cult wine that quickly made a name for itself beyond the region.

What makes this rosé so special?

Even if the Miraval wines benefit a little from the celebrities who occasionally come and go from the winery, it speaks for itself. The grapes grow on clay and limestone soils and form their typical , salmon-colored cuvée.

How does the Miraval Rosé taste?

The first scent alone is promising. The Miraval Rosé wines exude a very fruity aroma of strawberries, raspberries and melon. There is also a hint of flowers.

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In the beginning, it was not even planned to develop glamorous wines, but rather to offer down-to-earth wines. When the winery was taken over by the American Tom Bove in 1993, he modernized the facilities such as the wine cellar and vineyards, laying the foundation for today's success.

When Joli and Pitt bought the property, they vinified the classic "Studio byMiraval". The rosé was a rock-solid wine that could be drunk on almost any occasion. Today the vines are planted on more than 600ha on mostly sheltered terraces and without the use of pesticides. All grapes are still harvested and selected by hand to preserve the first-class character.

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FAQ: Worth knowing about the Miraval Rosé

With which dishes is the Miraval Rosé enjoyed?

The best way to enjoy the rosé is with light dishes such as fish, poultry and seafood.

There are also White wine from the Miraval winery?

The "StudiobyMiraval Blanc" line broke with the tradition of only producing rosé wines at the Miraval winery. Inexpensive white wines have now been added to the product line, which still meet the high quality standards.

How much do Miraval wines cost?

The wines from the Miraval winery are despite their high quality, they are mostly at a very affordable price level. The average bottle prices are between 10 and 20.00 euros.

What is the percentage of the Miraval?

The rosé has an alcohol content of 13.0% vol .

Who owns the Miraval Winery today?

Despite their divorce, Pitt and Jolie continue to run the winery as partners. It is still owned by the same family today.

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