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Weingut Manincor, San Giuseppe al Lago 4, 39052 Caldaro (BZ), Italy


Each Manincor wine preserves the special viticulture tradition. During production, great importance is attached to respect for people, animals and plants for holistic and future-oriented viticulture, for which modern technologies are also used. Tradition and quality go hand in hand with Manincor wines. In the Vinigrandi online shop we present our selection of the best wines that you can buy from Manincor.

Where are the Manincor growing areas located?

The Manincor winery can look back on a history of more than 400 years. Step by step, the estate was expanded with a large wine cellar that is barely visible from the surface. The vines are grown in very warm locations. With a yield of 50ha, the Manincor winery is now the largest winery in South Tyrol that only processes its own grapes.

Sustainable cultivation of natural wines

You can literally buy a Manincor wine with a clear conscience. The quality was initially not increased by the use of pesticides, but by limiting the yield. For more than 15 years, continuous development work was carried out that is paying off today. In the Manincor winery you can buy unique character wines. In the manufacturing process, trust is placed in the natural processes surrounding the grape. The harvest is strictly selected in advance and only the best grapes make it into the wine. During processing, the natural slope of the grapes is used to prevent mechanical damage, for example to the skin and seeds.

Here you can buy the best Manincor wines online

In our online shop we have already made a selection of Manincor wines for you that we can recommend without reservation. Our range includes both white wines and rosé wines from the Italian winery.

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