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Produttori Vini Manduria, Via Fabio Massimo 19, 74024 Manduria (Taranto), Italy


The history of the Produttori di Manduria begins in 1928. At that time, a group of Apulian winegrowers bought an old building, which they gave the name "Federazione Vini" (Federation of Winegrowers). Their goal was to produce authentic Apulian red wines for the city of Manduria.

On July 9, 1932, just four years after their founding, they officially joined together to form the consortium that is still known among wine connoisseurs today. More and more winegrowers followed them over the years.

A very special growing area

The Primitivo growing area is characterized by its unmistakable rust-red soil on brittle rock. The climate also contributes to a rich harvest and the very special aroma. There is sufficient humidity in spring and an extensive warm summer. This is where the intense, rich aromas come from, which enchant wine lovers from all over the world time and time again.

Currently, an area of ​​900 hectares is planted with vines. 50% of this area is reserved for the cultivation of the Primitivo di Manduria. Here there are 4,000-5,000 vines on one hectare of land, which are lovingly tended until harvest.

The Primitivo line includes the Sonetto, the Lirica, the Elegia and the Madrigale, the 80-year-old comes from old vines and is pressed as a single-variety Primitivo. It impresses above all with its ruby ​​red color and the intense taste with its multifaceted hints of plums, black cherries, sour cherries and cocoa. The soft tannins are supported by a pleasant acidity.

25% of the acreage is reserved for the Negroamaro. The remaining resources are accounted for by Cabernet, Merlot and Malvaisia

The Produttori di Manduria today

Today the consortium includes 400 winegrowers who produce excellent wines on a total area of ​​900 hectares . Since no one else is so closely associated with the high-quality wines, they are also called Maestri in Primitivo.

In order to forever remember the exciting story of a wine as strong and proud as the Primitivo, the The consortium of winegrowers behind it invested time and money to set up a museum in the ancient wing of the underground cellar. Here you can see first hand how close the connection between the people of Manduria, their land and their art of making wine really is. Since 2003, a magazine has also been published every three months, in which all oenological news from Manduria and the region are reported.

Quality control

The winegrowers work to ensure the high standard of their wines over the long term closely with the University of Bari.

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