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Le Clos des Papes SCEA/Avril Paul  av Pierre de Luxembourg, 84230 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France

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Clos des Papes as a synonym for first-class wines

The French winery Clos des Papes has been in family hands for several generations. The vineyards are located in the southern Rhône region, where they benefit from the Mediterranean climate. During the 2800 hours of sunshine a year, the grapes acquire a perfect sweetness, which is later reflected in the character of the Clos des Papes wines.

Organic viticulture for Clos des Papes wines

More and more wineries are now orienting themselves towards the guidelines of organic viticulture. Clos des Papes is setting the best example here and works with mostly very old vines, which can be lavishly cared for and are spread over a total of 18 plots. But the effort is worth it for the characterful wines that can be obtained from the old grapes.

Châteauneuf du Pape as the flagship of the winery

One of the best-known red wines from Clos des Papes is the Châteauneuf du Pape. A unique cuvée, a low alcohol content and an almost incomparable intensity are the distinguishing features of this wine. It is produced with a yield restriction of 18 hl / ha, which is also noticeable in the high quality. The 2007 wine is still the best vintage today. With the Châteauneuf du Pape blanc, Clos des Papes has created a pendent with a strong character for white wine lovers.

How expensive are Clos des Papes wines?

Clos des Papes wines are a rarity on the market, which comes about solely through the very strict yield limitation. Therefore, the wines from the Clos des Papes winery also belong to the higher-priced wines. They are considered to be very storable and are an ideal gift for wine lovers on special occasions.

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In the Vinigrandi online shop we offer you a small but special selection of Clos des Papes wines that you can order online. For shipping within Germany, we do not charge any shipping fees for orders of EUR 50 or more.

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