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Domaine Jean Marc Boillot, 2 Route de Beaune, 21630 Pommard, France

Jean Marc Boillot

The Domaine Jean Marc Boillot winery was founded by the grandson of the famous Henri Boillot, who made a name for himself above all with his multi-faceted Chardonnays. The domaine of the grandson Jean Marc Boillot produces no less top-class wines, mainly from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

The creation of Domaine Jean Marc Boillot

Jean Marc Boillot was born with winemaking. At the age of 16 he began his winemaking apprenticeship at the winery of the well-known grandfather Henri Boillot. Between 1984 and 1988, Jean Marc Boillot was responsible for the Oliver Leflaive winery. At the same time, he founded his own winery in 1985, leased 5 hectares of vines in Pommard and bottled the first wines under his label.

Over the years, the Domaine Jean Marc Boillot grew by additional plots to the current 10.5 hectares at. Among the portfolio are now vineyards previously owned by Domaine Sauzet in Puligny. In addition, the grandfather was so enthusiastic about his grandson's wines that he bequeathed him half of his own winery. Jean Marc Boillot installed his own winery in his famous grandfather's "La Pommardière". In addition, a few years later, excellent locations in Puligny-Montrachet, which Jean Marc Boillot inherited from his maternal grandfather, were added. Jean Marc Boillot's daughter Lydie now runs the Domaine Jean Marc Boillot winery together with her husband.

Jean Marc Boillot follows traditional paths in wine production

The winemaker is aware of his family roots and the traditional Always remained true to the form of wine production. The wines are stored in barrels with little new wood content. His focus is on wines that take their time, but can still score points for their special freshness even after many years.

The vines are planted densely on the areas and exclusively according to ecologically-sustainable aspects and with great care Respect for nature farmed. Jean Marc Boillot relies on the knowledge that the vines only reach their full potential when they are 40 years old and that with good care they can live to be a hundred years old. This is how Jean Marc Boillot still cultivates the vines that his grandfather planted, deliberately keeping the yield low.

Increasing success with red and white wines

It's a rarity that the Domaine Jean Marc Boillot equally stands for first-class white wines and red wines. The secret behind its superb white wines is that the grapes are fully pressed. 24 hours later, they are filled into barrels that contain 25 to 30% new wood. The yeast is stirred up once a week. Matured white wines from the winery are a special delicacy. They can easily be stored in the bottle for 10 years or more.

The red wines from Domaine Jean Marc Boillot are destemmed and cold macerated. They are stored for 13 months in a wooden barrel with a maximum of 50% new wood. They are then stored in a steel tank for another 6 months before being bottled. Due to their intense fruit and balanced balance, the red wines from Domaine Jean Marc Boillot need a maximum of 5 to 7 years of bottle aging.

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